Magnetic Transformer Weatherproof 12V 150W w Flex Plug in 20cm Sunny Lighting

…Sunny Lighting - Magnetic weatherproof transformer comes with 1.2 meter flex and plug. Features: * Dimensions: * 105W & 150W: Length 195mm x Height 80mm * 200W & 300W: Length 210mm x Height 80mm * 400W: Length 225mm x Height 80mm * Wattage: 105W, 150W, 200W, 300W and 400W * Voltage: 12V * IP…Learn More

Transformer 150W Outdoor Weatherproof Black IP66 Brilliant Lighting

…Height 120mm * Colour: Black * Amps: * Small: 105VA for max 105W and 150VA for max 150W * Medium: 200VA for max 200W and 300VA for max 300W * Large: 400VA for max 400W and 500VA for max 500W * IP Rating: IP66 * Warranty: 5 Year Warranty * Available for Wattage: 105W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W and 500WLearn More

Transformer Weatherproof DIY in 60W 105W 150W & 200W Oriel Lighting

…Oriel Lighting – 60W, 105W, 150W And 200W DIY Weatherproof Garden Transformer IP44 is a high powered and reliable light transformer which is designed to be compatible with garden lights when installing a setup in your back or front yard. This transformer features a weatherproof construction…Learn More