Arlec - 20 Meter Caravan Extension Lead

The Arlec - 20 Meter Caravan Extension Lead is a high quality and reliable extension lead which is perfect for use in high powered applications including boats, caravans, welders and many other applications. Featuring a bright orange colour it promotes high visibility. It also promotes a clear plug…Learn More

Arlec - 10 Meter Caravan Extension Lead

The Arlec - 10 Meter Caravan Extension Lead is a high quality extension cord which is designed to provide high use for welders, caravans, boats and other high powered applications. This extension lead features a highly visible orange coloured cable which is designed to promote a clear plug and…Learn More

Arlec - 15 Meter Caravan Extension Lead

The Arlec - 15 Meter Caravan Extension Lead is a high quality and professional power lead which is designed to provide additional length to an application with its 15 metre design. This extension lead is designed perfect for caravans, boats, welders, and many different high powered applications. It…Learn More

Arlec - Cord Safe

…in colour. This cord safe device offers an adjustable design which can easily suit with most lead plug and socket combinations. It is ideal for caravans, tradesmen, camping, outdoor lighting and power tools. Features: * Holds plug and socket together. * Prevents accidental disconnection * Reduces…Learn More

LED Light Kit Outdoor Portable DIY 18W in 6500K Brilliant

Brilliant Lighting - LED portable outdoor lighting kit. It is ideal for use in vehicles, caravans, tents and many other outdoor applications. Easy to install with built in magnets, hook and loop straps. Features: * Dimensions: Length 400mm(4 Light bars) * Globe: LED Globe Included * Wattage: 18W *…Learn More

Arlec - Extension Cord Storage Reel

…metres of heavy duty lead at a time. It is designed with storage convenience, and is able to prevent leads from tangling. This cord is ideal for caravans, camping, home and garages, and can easily make messy cords neater with its user friendly design. Features: * Robust metal stand with strong…Learn More

LED Flood Light Exterior Black Aluminium 5W 10W 20W or 30W Vibe Lighting

…floodlights with a more energy efficient and long term replacement solution. This floodlight is capable of being used on boats, trucks, houses, and caravans, and can easily provide an easily installation with this U-Bracket. This outdoor floodlight is designed to be used for demanding applications…Learn More