Insulated 3 Pin Wire 240V in 200cm CLA Lighting

CLA - Insulated 3 pin core wire lead available in 2 meter. Features: * Dimension: Length 2000mm * Voltage: 240V * Warranty: Year WarrantyLearn More

Power Cord In Line Switch in Black or White 290cm CLA Lighting

CLA - Power Cord in line switch available in white or black finish. Features: * Dimension: Length 2900mm * Colour: Black and White * Warranty: 1 Year Warranty * Available Colour: Black and WhiteLearn More

Insulated 2 Pin Wire 12V in 120cm CLA Lighting

CLA - Insulated 2 pin 2 core wire lead available in 1.2 meter. Features: * Dimension: Length 1200mm * Voltage: 12V * Warranty: 1 Year WarrantyLearn More