Wall Light Exterior Recessed MR16 Stainless Steel 9cm Curl Curl Seaside Lighting

The Seaside Lighting - Curl Curl 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Recessed Wall Light is a highly adaptive and reliable wall light which is capable of providing a professional lighting solution for any wall surface. This light is able to highlight certain sections around the home, along pathways…Learn More

Wall Light Hood in Stainless Steel Curl Curl Seaside Lighting

The Seaside Lighting - Curl Curl Stainless Steel Hood is a replacement hood which is designed to be used for wall light. This hood is able to provide high protective properties for the light when used. This light is able to promote additional protectiveness against corrosive elements, and is able to…Learn More

Pendant Lamp Light Fifteen Silver Purple Replica ODE 1647 E14

…to those graceful forms while placing itself squarely in the 21st century due to the material it’s made of. The silvery high-pressure hose curling into 9-light or 15-light configurations is topped with velveteen shades in deep purple. Specifications: * Dimension: Diameter 1000H:1000 * Power…Learn More