Downlight Fitting Square MR16 or GU10 Centre Tilt UGE Lighting

downlight fitting is designed to accommodate for MR16 or GU10 bases, and features a twist lock design that secures the light in place. This ceiling light is based and features a square shaped appearance. It is designed to offer a complimentary and sleek look and can easily be tilted to offer directLearn More

Downlight Fitting Square Single GU10 in Aluminium 13cm UGE Lighting

…made downlight which is designed to offer high illumination effect when used. This downlight fitting features a square design and comes with a snorkel periscope wall washer design which allows for you to direct the light when needed. Featuring a 360 Degree rotation, this downlight is able…Learn More

ANL Lighting - G12 Commercial Metal Halide Triple Modular Downlight In White

…its user friendly design. This downlight offers a die-cast aluminium construction which is lightweight and durable. It also comes with a fully rotatable tilt-in-tilt function which allows for the heads to tilt up to 30° in almost any direction. This downlight offers a white coloured appearance,…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Square Quad Adjustable MR16 in Silver 20cm ANL Lighting

…for promoting high strength and durability. This downlight offers a protective metal casing which stops the light from coming into contact with loose or flammable material. It is designed to offer adjustable lamps which promote directional beaming, and is suitable for long term installations.…Learn More

DownLight Fitting Adjustable E27 in White 18cm Eyeball Oriel Lighting

Oriel Lighting - Incandescent downlight 240V recessed directional eyeball downlight trim. This versatile, adjustable design allows you to direction the light to the precise spot that is needed. R80 reflector bulbs are available to purchase separately. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting: Diameter…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Surface Mounted Undercabinet G4 in 7cm UGE

…to install downlight which is capable of providing sufficient lighting needed throughout the home. This downlight can accommodate for G4 12V 20W globes and is designed to be surface mounted under a cabinet to help with supplying direct illumination to certain areas. This downlight features a frosted…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Square Gimbal MR16 or GU10 10cm UGE Lighting

…designed Downlight Fitting which is capable of bringing to your home a touch of warm light that will highlight most rooms with ease. This downlight fitting comes with a square shaped appearance and features a gimbal bevelled edge with adjustable tilt to allow for easy positioning for direct light…Learn More

LED Downlight 13.3W Dimmable Gimbal Black in 3000K 10cm Cube Brightgreen

Brightgreen - Designed to align with the straight-edged lines of interior architecture, the D900 Cube LED downlight projects a square-shaped directional beam of Tru-Colour illumination. Projecting even and efficient light distribution, its square beam allows lighting designers to avoid overlapping…Learn More

LED Downlight Kit Dimmable Round 18W Matt White in 3000K 11cm UGE

…made downlight kit which can be used in commercial and residential applications. This LED downlight features an 18W rating, and is designed to offer a 60 degree beam angle to shine the light in a specific and direct location. Available with a flex and plug, this LED downlight is perfect…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Square MR16 in Satin Chrome 13cm UGE Lighting

…This downlight comes with a sleek and attractive appearance that can easily match in well with your surrounding décor. It also provides directional lighting options and can highlight living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Complete with a user friendly design, this downlight can…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Round Gimbal GU10 in White 10cm UGE

…chrome. This downlight comes with a features of halogen and LED base fitting option that offers versatility when used. This downlight can accommodate for 50W maximum light bulbs with an MR16 base or a GU10 base. It provides an easy to use design, and is great for creating directional lighting that…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Twin Adjustable MR16 in Silver 18cm ANL Lighting

…when used for a range of demanding long term commercial or residential ceiling applications. This downlight is designed to promote an adjustable lamp which offers a low glare appearance with a direct beam of light. It is suitable for matching with the surrounding decor, and is ideal for promoting a…Learn More

LED Downlight 24W Dimmable Black in 3000K 13cm Curve Brightgreen

Brightgreen - Available in either black or white finishes, the D2000 SH Curve surface-mounted downlight provides 2000 lumens of Tru-Colour brightness, making it ideal for use in large spaces that require higher lux levels and exceptional light quality. The ultimate in pared-back, modern design, the…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Adjustable MR16 Copper in 10cm Avoca Seaside Lighting

The Seaside Lighting - Avoca With its adjustable design, stainless steel body, and copper colour finish, this lightcan easily be mounted directly on normally flammable surfaces for added versatility. With its MR16 lamp holder and heat shield canister. Featuring a compact size and an attractive…Learn More

ANL Lighting - Silver Centre Tilt LED Downlight Warm White

…in most ceiling surfaces in commercial and residential areas. This LED downlight features a die-cast aluminium construction which offers a lightweight and durable design. It also features a 35° beam angle for a wider direction of light distribution. Complete with a warm white colour temperature…Learn More

ANL Lighting - Commercial Quad Modular Adjustable Downlight

The ANL Lighting - Commercial Quad Modular Adjustable Downlight - White is a powerful and professional downlight which is designed for use in commercial applications. This quad downlight features an adjustable design which is perfect for use in display areas, retails shops and more. It also features…Learn More

LED Downlight 7W Dimmable Gimbal Silver in 3000K 6cm Cube Brightgreen

…hard-to-reach spaces with the incredibly efficient D400 Cube. The direct beam of this 7W light is perfect for accenting design features, artwork and alcoves. The 36 degree square beam of the D400 Cube reaches corners with direct light, avoiding overlapping beams and dark spots. Our patented lens…Learn More

ANL Lighting - 70W Metal Halide Surface Mounted G12 Centre Tilt Downlight

Downlight In Black is a high quality and professional light choice which is perfect for use in commercial applications where a light can't be recessed. This downlight is perfect for surface mounting onto any flat ceiling surface. It also features a 45° tilt which allows for it to easily directLearn More

LED Downlight 25W Adjustable Dimmable White in 3000K 18cm Scoop Domus Lighting

…reflector. The reflector behaves in much the same way as a standard metal halide fixture does with the favourable scallop styled illumination and directed point source. Added benefits of up to 45 degree tilt function and fully mains dimmable LED driver makes this a perfect alternative to metal…Learn More

LED Downlight 9W Adjustable Dimmable White in 4000K 10cm Rock Oriel Lighting

Rock adjustable LED in 3000K downlight kit. The Rock features a 9W Sharp LED, with a CRI of 82 and a colour temperature of 3000K or 4000K. The Rock is suited to indoor applications, and is tilt adjustable to allow light to be directed. Supplied with a dimmable driver. Features: * Dimensions:…Learn More

ANL Lighting - 70W Surface Mounted G12 Metal Halide Centre Tilt Downlight In Black

…Centre Tilt Downlight suitable for commercial application where fittings can't be recessed (Silver), e.g. * multiple storey buildings without false ceilings, etc. * Spun aluminium body & die-cast aluminium trim is light and durable. * 45ø centre tilt for easy lighting direction. * Various…Learn More

ANL Lighting - 70W Surface Mounted G12 Metal Halide Centre Tilt Downlight In White

…Centre Tilt Downlight suitable for commercial application where fittings can't be recessed (White), e.g. * multiple storey buildings without false ceilings, etc. * Spun aluminium body & die-cast aluminium trim is light and durable. * 45ø centre tilt for easy lighting direction. * Various…Learn More

ANL Lighting - Commercial Quad Modular Adjustable Downlight In Matt Silver

The ANL Lighting - Commercial Quad Modular Adjustable Downlight In Matt Silver is a professional and well adaptive light choice which is designed perfect for providing high illumination properties for use in commercial environments. This down light features a steel construction which makes it…Learn More

LED Wall Light Dimmable Silver or White 6W in 3000K 7cm Cube Brightgreen

…general illumination, and direct beams for task lighting. Available in both white and silver fascias, the W200 projects a unique trapezoid beam — perfect accenting the straight lines of contemporary designs. Either paired with the larger W900 Cube or combined with downlights from the range for…Learn More