Wall Light Outdoor Fixed Copper GU10 in 11cm Havit Lighting

Fixed Wall Pillar Light in variety of colours with matching backing plate and high output reflector to maximise light. Features: * Dimensions: * Light: Diameter 60mm x Height 110mm * Back Plate: Diameter 68mm * Colour: Stainless Steel, Copper, Matt Black, White, Matt Silver, Gold, Silver, Gloss…Learn More

Magnus LED Chandelier Crystal 64cm She Lights

…a light that is designed for maximum visual impact, not to be ignored and to be a conversation starter. Designed for larger spaces ideally with higher ceilings this light would make an ideal feature light, perhaps to light up an indoor entrance or a larger living or office space. Features: *…Learn More

LED String Lights 10 Multi Coloured Party Lights Arlec

…voltage indoor transformer. The light kit is of durable and waterproof construction which allows it to be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Each globe includes five super bright high intensity LEDs, 4 globe colours red, amber, green and blue. Features: * Dimensions: * Total Cable: Length…Learn More

Odini Pendant Aluminium Metal 42cm She Lights

…pendant light. It features a classic industrial design and comes with a frosted diffuser held in place by small metal clamps. Created using the finest materials this pendant lamp would be a great choice for commercial or residential installations either as a single feature light or as a collection…Learn More

Aeolus Pendant Aluminium Metal 39cm She Lights

…pendant light. This simple yet sophisticated pendant light is crafted using high quality aluminium and features a classic curved bell shape. Pendant lighting is very versatile because it hangs suspended, which makes it a perfect choice for either commercial or residential use. Features: *…Learn More

Plutus Pendant Copper Metal 30cm She Lights

…that features a trendy smooth copper finish. If you're after a light that stands out on its own or if you have a larger space where you can line up a series of pendants together, then look no further than the Plutus Copper. The beautiful shiny exterior finish of this light will reflect light meaning…Learn More

Becca Pendant Grey Aluminium 32cm She Lights

…It features a unique subtle design not often seen with pendant lights. It is constructed with an aluminium frame that is concrete powder coated. The effect is subtle and not too bold and overpowering but will surely add that extra industrial characteristic to its surroundings. Features: *…Learn More

Aeson Pendant Alumium Metal 44cm She Lights

…casting light on your projects for a lifetime. The AESON pendant light range is available in silver, black, light blue, light green, luminous yellow, orange and white. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting: Diameter 443mm x Height 236mm * Cord Length: 1100mm * Colour: Aluminium, Black, Light Blue, LightLearn More

Iole Pendant Metal 45cm She Lights

…perfect choice for lighting up a special area in your home or business. It is a popular choice seen in many modern settings such as in restaurants. The IOLE pendant lamp range is available in Aluminium, Black, Flame Red, Light Blue, Luminous Yellow, Matt Black and White. Features: * Dimensions: *…Learn More

Heino Pendant White Metal 35cm She Lights

The Heino pendant is an ideal choice as a feature pendant for a hallway or staircase. It's bold metallic design makes it an eye catching piece that not only illuminates a larger space well but will stand out with its groovy curved finishing. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting: Width 350mm x Height…Learn More

Aron Pendant Light in Light Wood 41cm She Lights

She Lights - The Aron style is a pendant light featuring a simple and beautiful eye-catching design. Natural curves accentuate the features and textures of this light and it would look just as good on its own or in a group or series given that it is not very big in size. The straight lighter wooden…Learn More

Gaia Classic Pendant Metal 40cm She Lights

…pendant light is simply majestic. It is unlike our usual range of aluminium pendant lights in that it is a much heavier pendant. It is most suitable to be the centre piece of attention in the room you are looking to furnish. Install it at the stair case or entrance to your home, or feature it to…Learn More

Elpis Pendant Aluminium Metal 45cm She Lights

…is simply a stunning pendant light, new to our ELPIS collection. With the accompanying sleek wine glass style design, this light creates an instant impact and makes a bold statement to your interior furnishing. When installed alone it will stand out and become the feature of your room. When hung in…Learn More

Erato Pendant Blue Metal 47cm She Lights

…statement with the Erato Aluminium pendant light. The curved design mimics that of an upside down wine glass however this beauty is crafted from a sturdy metal coated with a high gloss solid color finish. Installed alone it will stand out and become the feature of your room. When hung in multiples…Learn More

Erato Pendant Aluminium Metal 47cm She Lights

…statement with the Erato Aluminium pendant light. The curved design mimics that of an upside down wine glass however this beauty is crafted from a sturdy metal coated with a high gloss solid color finish. Installed alone it will stand out and become the feature of your room. When hung in multiples…Learn More

Wictoria Pendant Chrome Metal 80cm She Lights

…where LED lights emit from the ends within the ball Perfect for decorating a larger space such as an entrance hall or a larger retail area. It comes in a smaller size as well, send us an enquiry if interested. Features: * Dimensions: * Shade: Diameter 390mm * Overall Height: 745mm * Light Cord:…Learn More

Gelos Classic Pendant Metal 35cm She Lights

This Gelos Classic Antique Brass pendant light has mixed industrial and vintage style influences, it is such a catchy design that it is sure to stand out. The Gelos series of pendant lights is a beautiful smaller version of our GAIA series of pendants - they are a perfect combination together to…Learn More

Eros Pendant Aluminium Metal 45cm She Lights

The Eros Aluminium features big curves and beautiful bold colors. It makes a loud statement, whether it's featured in a home, office or workplace setting. Crafted from high quality aluminium metals, it is finished off with a high gloss shiny finishing. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting: Diameter…Learn More

Dania Pendant Aluminium Metal 23cm She Lights

light often seen as the light of choice in restaurants. A great finishing touch to any commercial or residential interior design. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting: Diameter 228mm x Height 170mm * Cord Length: 1200mm * Colour: Aluminium, Beige, Black, Red, White, Pastel Violet(Purple), Blue, LightLearn More

Bacchus Pendant Brown Fabric 51cm She Lights

…and modern Bacchus Pendant light suspended above. The hourglass formed cage is wrapped in a rich chocolate brown fabric shade adding charm to any design. The handsome Bacchus pendant light would make a nice addition to an upscale commercial or residential design. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting:…Learn More

Kirke Pendant Metal 30cm She Lights

…sums up the style of the KIRKE pendant light. The large inverted bowl shape is simple and stylish yet versitile enough for business or residential installation. Made using high quality metal the KIRKE pendant lamp is available in a variety of colors. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting: Diameter 300mm…Learn More

Gaia Industrial Pendant Metal 40cm She Lights

…"Vintage" louder than the Gaia Industrial series of pendant lights. Simplicity at it's purest form with the touch of subtle elegance - this is how to describe the Gaia Industrial in Antique Brass This domed-shaped pendant light is finely-crafted using the high-quality steel. The cord is accompanied…Learn More

Inger Pendant Metal 28cm She Lights

The INGER Aluminium pendant light will add signature style to your home or business. The simple, modern, speherical, lamp hangs suspended from a color coordinated cord to tie in with the color palette of your space. You can easily create a monochromatic design by selecting multiple lamps in one…Learn More

Helios Pendant Black Metal 50cm She Lights

…semi-circle fixture proudly wears a high gloss shiny black finish. This pendant light fixture is also available in a glossy white finish and would look equally impressive whether used in a home or business setting. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting: Diameter 500mm x Height 280mm * Cord Length:…Learn More