Replica Skygarden Pendant Light by Marcel Wanders for Flos

The Skygarden replica pendant is made from fibreglass and contains subtle and detailed carvings which bring the interior to life. A fluid floral print runs through the entire pendant which is just a delight to view. This pendant can be found in cafes, bars and restaurants all around the world and is…Learn More

Replica Artichoke Pendant Light by Poul Henningsen

Original Designer Poul Henningsen developed the Artichoke Light in 1958. What's unique about the design of this pendant light is its ability to diffuse light. Made from premium high grade aluminium this replica looks the part in every way possible. The design allows for the creation of a unique…Learn More

Replica Moooi Raimond Pendant Light LED by Raimond Puts in 43cm 61cm 89cm

The replica Raimond Lamps are made from two layers of stainless steel with finely woven LED lights The replica Raimond Lamp is fast becoming an iconic piece for contemporary interiors, on its own or clustered together in different sizes. Made from the highest quality stainless steel and using high…Learn More

Replica Tom Dixon Pipe Light Wall Lamp Aluminium Black

These exquisite replicas of Tom Dixon Pipe Lights are a series of tubular sculptural lights. First released in 2006 and made from extruded aluminium, the Tom Dixon Pipe Lights are a combination of contrasts with their matt powder coated exterior and shining anodised inside finish. Because of their…Learn More

Replica Tom Dixon Etch Web Pendant Light Stainless Steel 37cm

Tom Dixon collaborated with pioneering automotive brand Audi for the launch of the new A8 model. As part of Design Miami/ 2009, Tom Dixon through Design Research Studio, presented “Light Light” an installation of over 100 specially designed aluminium polyhedral lights and helium balloons…Learn More

Replica Tom Dixon Void Pendant Light in Chrome or Copper

The original Tom Dixon Void Light Pendants were inspired by Olympic medals. This replica pendant is made of glass which gives a mirror finish and creates an instant statement when hung in a group of 3 or more. This high-quality Tom Dixon Void Light replica comes in two different colours. Features: *…Learn More

Replica Pangen Suspension Pendant Light Lamp 60cm by Fontana Arte

The Pangen Suspension Pendant replica is a fluid, minimal dome-shaped light which had an edge to it that many modern designers love. It's lacquered finish and bright modern colours add a crisp and fresh energy to any space and bring focus to the lighting. The specs to the premium replica are below:…Learn More

Replica Tom Dixon Copper Shade Round Glass Pendant Light in Copper

This replica pendant can be hung alone, at different lengths, or in a cluster for a more dramatic effect. The display possibilities are endless. They can be found in cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and lavish homes. The original piece is truly iconic and has led to Tom Dixon becoming a household…Learn More

Replica Tom Dixon Beat Pendant Light Fat in Black White or Grey

This replicaTom Dixon Beat Light comes in four different shapes (fat, tall, wide, stout ) and in three different colours, black, white and grey. The interior of each light is gold and reflective, while the light's exterior contrasts in muted black, white or grey. The cutting edge design means that…Learn More

Replica 6 Arm Branching Bubble Chandelier by Lindsey Adelman

Originally designed by Lindsey Adelman, this simple yet complex replica piece will surely become the centrepiece for any room it is hung in. The glass 'bubbles' and metal arms create a fixture that is contemporary yet takes you back to the modern middle-century, reminiscent of early molecular…Learn More

Replica Artek Hand Grenade A110 Pendant Light by Alvar Aalto

The simple and stylish A110 'Hand Grenade' lamp was designed by Alvar Aalto for the building of the Finnish Engineers' Association in 1952. The same model was used in the Council Chamber of Säynätsalo Town Hall. Made from a metal frame and incorporating resin materials the pendant is…Learn More

Replica Bocci Pendant Light Round 28.1 Clear Glass 15cm

DESCRIPTION 28 series is an exploration of fabrication process which is part of creative director, Omer Arbel's, quest for specificity in manufacturing. Instead of designing form itself, the intent for the 28 series was to design a system that produces form. Arbel developed a method that has loose…Learn More

Bocci LED Pendant Light 14.5 Clear Crystal Replica

DESCRIPTION This is a low voltage chandelier; each individual pendant is an articulated cast glass sphere with a frosted cylindrical void that houses either a 10 watt xenon or 1.5 watt LED lamp. Popular residential and commercial applications include hanging above dining and kitchen tables, kitchen…Learn More

Replica S71 Pendant Light Metal Fabric Black 42cm Stephane Lebrun

Replica S71 Pendant Light Metal Fabric Black 42cm Stephane Lebrun Disclaimer: Products are not manufactured or approved by, or affiliated with the original designers or manufacturersLearn More

LED Floating Pool Ball Outdoor Waterproof 16 Colours w Remote

Be the talk of the neighborhood with with these ultra-modern floating LED Balls. The soft glowing effect reflects coloured light to create a soft and relaxing ambiance or you can choose the strobing flash mode for for ultimate party scene! These LED Balls have multiple colours to choose from and the…Learn More

Replica Graypants Scraplight Pendant Light Drop Recycled Cardboard 25cm

Graypants Scraplight replica shades are made entirely from recycled cardboard boxes. Each lampshade is handmade and therefore can vary slightly in shape and size. Drop-shaped shades are approximately 25cm in diameter and 45cm in height. The Drop Scraplights replica illuminate a warm, soft glow,…Learn More

Replica Secto Design Seppo Koho Secto 4200 Pendant Lamp in Black Natural or White

The original Secto pendant light was one of the very first designs by Seppo Koho for Secto Design. This conical shaped pendant light is great for providing direct illumination over tables or for entrance ways and hallway lighting in both residential and commercial environments. The specs to the…Learn More

Replica George Nelson Bubble Apple Pendant Light 50cm

DESCRIPTION The George Nelson Saucer Bubble Lamp series was first developed by Nelson in 1947 and were produced by Howard Miller in 1952. The George Nelson Saucer Bubble Lamp is seen as an iconic piece of American modernism. These unique replica lights offer a diffused light by constructing the lamp…Learn More

Replica Pendant Light Metal Industrial Vintage Glass 14cm in Black

DESCRIPTION The classic Industrial Vintage Glass Pendant Lamp comes of age! We've reimagined the simple yet sculptural pendant light, long favored by electricians and craftsman to cover a bare bulb & provide versatile temporary lighting. Brought out of the darkness & into the home, the…Learn More

Replica Jaime Hayon Josephine for Metalarte Wall Lamp Black Chrome

Jaime Hayon's Josephine for Metalarte collection features a stunning range of lights. The Josephine Wall Lamps replicas are one of the most classic lighting pieces in the range featuring an elegant, sensual and sophisticated design. This wall lamp suits beautiful, contemporary and luxurious…Learn More

Replica Tom Dixon Etch Shade Light Pendant 44cm Copper Chrome Gold Black

The replica Tom Dixon's Etch Shade pendant lights are delicate and intricate in design. Each panel of the geode is highly detailed, allowing light to filter softly through the shade to project a stunning shadow display across the room. Our premium Tom Dixon Etch Shade Replica lights work beautifully…Learn More

Replica Sebastian Scherer Diamond Pendant Lamp in Black Chrome Gold or White

Berlin based designer Sebastian Scherer has created the hexagon-shaped pendant lamp called Diamond. The replica Diamond pendant lights are available in a variety of colors and only in one size. The specs to the premium replica are below: Features: * Size: Diameter 35cm x Height 35cm * Body Colour:…Learn More

Replica Marcel Wanders Zeppelin Pendant Light in White 80cm

Designed by Marcel Wanders as part of his cocoon range, the Zeppelin Pendant Lamp incorporates a number of light bulbs, and is covered in a shell made from cocoon resin. The result is a subtle and diffused light that can illuminate both large and small spaces. The specs to the premium replica are…Learn More

Replica Roll & Hill Jason Miller Replica Modo Chandelier Light Black in 106cm With 10 Lights

DESCRIPTION The Modo Chandelier with Halogen Bulb is inspired by off-the-shelf parts like those found at inexpensive lighting stores. The spoke-and-hub system allows Modo to be configured in dozens of different ways. But unlike the off-theshelf parts, the replica Modo replica parts are painstakingly…Learn More