LED Cabinet Light Recessed Silver or White 2W in 3000K 7cm Magro Oriel Lighting

The Magro is a discreet and enrgy effecient 12V LED Cabinet recessed downlight. The low power and heat source makes it perfect for lighting up display and underbench areas, especially with it's low projection at the back. Features a 2W CREE LED built-in chip with a light output of 82 lumens, and is…Learn More

Oriel Lighting 12V Constant Voltage LED Driver 12W

Oriel Lighting 12V LED Constant Voltage LED Driver ideal driver for the Magro Cabinet Light. * Wattage: 12W * Voltage: 12V * Dimensions: 110 L X 40 W X 25 H mm 12 Volt 12 Watt constant voltage LED driver. Producing constant 12 volts and suited to any LED fitting under 12 watts requiring a constant…Learn More