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LED Tubular Lamp 7W or 9W in E27 or B22 Sunny Lighting

…in 7W and 9W. It is poly covered aluminium body with opal polycarbonate diffuser. These LED lamps with a B22 or an E27 lamp base replace the old mini twist Flourescent lamps, and are perfectly suited for downlights, and other lamp fittings. Their compact and slick design will transform the look of…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Square MR11 Mini Tilt Twist Cap in 7cm UGE

UGE - The Downlight Fitting White or Satin Chrome Square Mini Tilt Twist Cap MR11 UGE is an exquisite and easy to install downlight which offers warm highlighting within most rooms. This downlight fitting features an MR11 base compatibility to suit specific globes. This downlight fitting comes with…Learn More

CFL Tubular Bulb 8W 12W 15W 18W or 23W in B15 B22 E27 or E14 Sunny Lighting

The Sunny Lighting - Energy Saving Lamp 8W, 12W, 15W, 18W or 23W Mini Twist Compact Fluorescent Bulb B22, E27, E14 or B15 Base is a highly energy efficient light globe which is able to help any house-hold save up to 80% energy usage which makes it perfect for replacing a halogen light system. It…Learn More

Downlight Fitting Round Fixed MR11 in White or Satin Chrome 6cm UGE Lighting

The UGE - Mini Round Fixed Twist Lock MR11 Downlight fitting is a powerful and reliable downlight which is designed to provide exceptional illumination properties when used in ceiling areas. This twist lock downlight comes with a round pull front fixed cap design and features an MR11 lamp base. It…Learn More
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