ANL Lighting - 8W T5 Diffused Slimline Connectable Batten Fluorescent Lamp

The ANL Lighting - 8W T5 Diffused Slimline Connectable Batten Fluorescent Lamp is a high quality batten which is designed suitable for use in installations where space may be limited including in cupboards, pelmets, and under shelves. This fluorescent lamp features a white body construction with a…Learn More

Fluorescent Tube Light DIY White Slimline T5 25mm w Switch Shelf Oriel

Fluorescent Tube Light DIY White Slimline T5 25mm With Switch Shelf Oriel The Oriel Lighting – Shelf 8w Slimline DIY Fluorescent Tube Light is a professional and versatile lighting solution which is capable of promoting high illumination and lighting when used in a variety of applications.…Learn More

Fluorescent Light Slimline 21W T5 w Flex & Plug ANL Lighting

…with its electronic ballast. The unit comes with a 21W T5 tube and you have your choice on 3000K, 4000K and 6000K globe colours. It is compact in size, and is designed user friendly and easy to install. Features: * T5 Diffused Slimline Connectable Batten (21W) for ease of installation in confined…Learn More

LED Batten Surface mounted 18W or 28W in 5000K Liberty Slimline UGE Lighting

UGE - This Stylish T8 surface mounted Non-dimmable LED batten includes a transparent reeded diffuser, and includes T8 5000K tubes. Suitable for general lighting for the office, home, showroom and retail shop. This light is high quality and easy to use it is capable of providing high illumination…Learn More

Fluorescent Light with Tube Twin T5 Chrome Surface Mounted 28w 14W Cupola

The Oriel Lighting - Cupola 21w Twin Slimline Fluorescent Light is a high quality and reliable modern day indoor lighting solution which is perfect for use in both commercial and residential applications including in kitchens, offices, hallways, laundries, and more. This modern day light features a…Learn More

CFL Wall Vanity Light Chrome in 24W in 4000K Dash Oriel Lighting

The Dash is a slimline and very stylish chrome high output T5 24W fluorescent wall light. Ideally suited for over the mirror, it provides excellent light for shaving or applying make-up. The Dash comes complete with a 4000K high output fluorescent tube. Features: * Dimensions: Fitting: Length 680mm…Learn More

Fluorescent Light Matt White T5 56W in 4000K 119cm PureDee Vibe Lighting

Vibe Lighting - Fluorescent light slimline surface mounted, made out of high impact opal acrylic and polycarbonate end cup. It can be used in kitchen, corridor and storage area. Features: * Dimensions: Length 1190mm x Width 165mm x Height 60mm * Colour: Matt White * Globe Base: 2 x T5 * Voltage:…Learn More

CFL Oyster Light Surface Mounted White in 22W or 40W Uno Oriel Lighting

…hallways, and bedrooms. Featuring compatibility for T5 22W or T5 40W circular tubes, this light is capable of promoting a soft yet bright illumination that is perfect for any night time use. This light features a slimline match acrylic construction with an easy lever released diffuser which allows…Learn More