DownLight Fitting Adjustable E27 in Brushed Chrome or White 18cm Eyeball Oriel

Oriel Lighting - Incandescent downlight 240V recessed directional eyeball downlight trim. This versatile, adjustable design allows you to direction the light to the precise spot that is needed. R80 reflector bulbs are available to purchase separately. Features: * Dimensions: * Fitting: Diameter…Learn More

LED Downlight 7W Dimmable in Silver or White 6cm Cube Brightgreen

…incredibly efficient D400 Cube. The direct beam of this 7W light is perfect for accenting design features, artwork and alcoves. This energy-saving downlight projects 56 lumens of brightness for every watt, compared to 37 for a standard LED. The D400 Cube is so efficient, it pays for itself in just 2…Learn More

LED Downlight 19W Dimmable Gimbal in Silver or White 11cm Cube Brightgreen

…LED downlight illuminates spaces with control and efficiency. The unique light projection of this design aligns with the straight edges of rooms to eliminate overlapping and dark spots. Available in either a 55 degree square beam or a 90/30 degree rectangular beam, this downlight features…Learn More

LED Inground Deck Light Weatherproof Stainless Steel 1W in 6cm Vibe Lighting

…highly professional and high strength outdoor deck light which is designed to help promote extensive use in demanding applications. This outdoor downlight features a 316 marine grade stainless steel construction which is able to promote high support for long term use against wear and tear. This deck…Learn More